The Funniest Things On the Planet : T-shirts and Graffiti

Everything is not what it seems.

Neither are T-shirts and brick walls. I mean, you would expect shirts to be a part of an individuals attire and walls to be…walls!

But they aren’t. They have become instruments of endless amusement. I mean, wouldn’t you crack up if you happened to be strolling around in the mall when a guy wearing a T-shirt that screamed ” If you’re happy and you know it, keep it to yourself! ” walked past you?I would! In fact, I did. Thankfully, he was wearing headphones and didn’t hear my unsuccessful attempt of suppressing a huge bout of laughter. Then there was this other one which said ” I only look stupid “.  A very dear friend of mine had a T-shirt saying “I’m with stupid” with a hand pointing to her left(or was it right?)  

I have also on several occasions observed a twosome wearing complimentary T-shirts. One would wear “Buddies” and the other would wear “Forever”. Actually, those kind of T-shirts look cute 🙂

Walls are basically barriers like the four “walls” of a house, the invisible “wall” of hatred between two people. But are they? Nope.

They are canvases where some extremely talented people spray on bright colours while others write stuff like ” Whoever wrote this is a jobless idiot.” Did he even realise what he called himself?( Okay, agreed that a girl could have an equal possibility of doing that..but still)

I was just walking towards a nearby restaurant with my family and one of my best friends one evening (a few months ago) where we happened to spot a wall on which were painted the words “DJ WAS HERE” Okay, nothing very funny about that…people do it all the time. Well, guess what? I happened to walk past the same wall just a couple of weeks ago and I saw “DJ IS STILL HERE” . I ask you, why?

T-shirts and graffiti are everywhere! Spot them and laugh your head off when you can.

Whats the funniest thing you have read on a T-shirt or a wall?