Alice In Wonderland

She was falling into the realms beneath
Wondering where she would land
“Wouldn’t it be nice?” she thought, “If I had
Someone to hold my hand?”

She thought about the times she spent
With her lovely cat back home
She missed her so dearly then
As she was so painfully alone.

She knew she was descending down
Only where to, she didn’t know
“How long have I been falling?”
Her past felt a long time ago.

Should she have not run after the Rabbit?
Should she have just stayed there?
Where would the labyrinth lead her?
She was completely unaware…


Its a poem I wrote a long time ago and published in the Teen Ink Magazine =)


A Beckon

Some people cloaked in their own dreams forget how to reach out.

A few know what is the way and yet they their instinct doubt.

There are those here who know how to fly but seldom flap their wings.

There are people who dismiss their strengths as mindless, futile things.

There are those who wish to climb up high but never put on their shoes.

There are people among us who their own capabilities abuse.

There are those who don’t take chances, they are afraid of their flaws.

They sit in repenting the past, and of what already was.

So get up you cowards, awaken from your fruitless reverie

Just know that you can be whatever you may wish to be

There is much to learn in this world which you will never find in there.

Make it a day worth remembering, bring the star out if you dare!

Your destiny is calling out and all you need to do is believe .

Fight your own demons and only then can you acheive.

Your life isn’t for you to dwindle around on a thread.

Create paths of your own and race right ahead!