The Bathroom Theory

You read that right. No, don’t worry just yet..

See, I thought about bringing this particular topic up since I have failed to understand why exactly this phenomena occurs. And it occurs a lot. At least with people my age, give or take a couple of years. Facebook has become too obvious now-a-days. You don’t ask a person whether they have a Facebook account, you just say, “We’ll stay in touch on Facebook.” So as you would expect, majority of the people in this world, are on Facebook.

I really don’t mind that since there is no use of going against the people who spend hours doing futile-nothingness. Its like smoking. We all accept its there and we all know that the only way a smoker can quit is if he/she has a change of heart. So, stop writing articles on it, they aint gonna stop until you become really mean and manipulate Mr. Zuckerberg to shut the system down(that would be very cruel). Why very cruel? Because there are people who simply wish to stay in touch with their friends far, far away! You want to close Facebook down? Fine…but then you have to cut down the phone bills for us.

One of the chief elements of Facebook is the photos. Again, I have learnt to live with them. The pouting, the close-ups and all that comes with it. I don’t know why they do it, but I shrug it away anyways. Maybe they like looking like fishes you know?

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the most popular place to take pics these days..

But one thing I don’t understand is why on earth would anybody take about 50 photos in the bathroom? Those teens can’t all be crazy! So thus, the bathroom theory. I think that since there has to be some reason to indulge in this manner of photography, I must, for the well-being of all those unaware, develop the following points:

1) Mirror, mirror on the wall – Everyone likes to look good in photographs, especially if they are to be on the net (and more importantly on Facebook). So maybe instead of carrying the mirror everywhere they want to take pictures of themselves, they resort to standing in the bathroom and do a two sec check up of their hair-do or whatever before the light flashes. By doing this, they know exactly how they are going to look in their photo before its taken.

2) Lights, Camera, Facebook – Then again, it could be the lighting. Some bathrooms have great lighting so perhaps they want to take good pictures and stuff. Maybe.

3) Two of ME! – I have seen photos of people and their reflections(Yes, they really think we are interested in their reflections). But its a thing, probably. When I was very young I fantasized about having a twin with the whole Mary Kate and Ashley thing going on. So maybe they still dream about that…about having clones.

4) Comfy much? – My dad says that the most comfortable place for any human in this entire world should be his bathroom (because you are in the most uncomfortable position when you really, really need to go and you can’t..) So while having their photos taken, they become conscious and rush to their most comfortable place. You guessed it! It’s the bathroom!

Most of all I think they’re crazy. No offence but I just don’t get it. Usually when I ask such absurd yet genuine questions to some of my peers, they simply say, “We do it to pass time.” Can’t you pass time in taking photos of yourself in the garden or something? Or does it take longer in the bathroom?

Okay, you can get worried now.