Did That Just Happen?

Every person on EARTH should travel to Europe sometime! (Not all at once of
course) Because it is lovely!

Everyday I would see something I never thought looked like that. Believe me, nothing I read about The Leaning
Tower of Pisa could really explain what I felt when I saw it there. I remember wondering if the world looked tilted from the top. I have read, heard and googled all of those places….but seeing is believing. And man did I believe.

From snow fights in the Alps to the sculptures in Rome, from the rides in the red buses in London
to the sight of The Eifel Tower by night….it was so magical! The walks in Germany and the oh-so-fashionable Paris. Austria, Amsterdam, Vatican City, all unique in their own ways.

Have you ever seen those travel brochures with people sitting on little canoes in Venice? I felt like I was one of those little photographs, sitting on the deck of the gondola. Our gondola driver’s name was Roberto (yes,very much Italian).No fancy cruise on some huge ship can beat the feeling of riding on a small gondola in Venice….even though the canals in Venice? Yeah, um not very hygienic. The water is 700 years of sewage (thank God he told us that after the boat ride).

The Big Ben took the cake of course what with me always wanting to see it and all but the Buckingham Palace
bought actual tears to my eyes. It was just so beautiful.

There is so much more but I’m rambling am I not? I won’t spoil it for you. See it for yourself sometime and
you will remember the feeing for as long as you live! (At least I think so…I only came back yesterday so I don’t really have first hand experience but still…)

There are some things I didn’t like though…

1) The pigeons – Why? Why? Why? Why so many pigeons?

2) The keyboards – At least the ones I had to mange with were terrible. All the letters were mixed up!

3) The public bathrooms – No, it’s alright to be dirty…they are after all public bathrooms, it’s a universal
problem. But I have an issue with the paid bathrooms. I didn’t know people have
to pay to go! So every morning we made it a point to finish off all bathroom
business in the washrooms of our hotel rooms…which were free.

Ah well. It was the best trip yet and I hope to have many more with my loved ones.

A word out to all of the amazing friends we made there! You guys rock 🙂