My Parents Were Right

Aren’t they always? I wonder if they ever get used to being right so often. All I know is, being a kid, it’s not always nice being wrong and then being given the “I told you so” look. Just the other day I rummaged through a closet full of things looking for my black hat and proudly announced, “It’s not there.” I was confident enough to challenge Mama to come and see for herself. At the end though, I was made a fool of when it magically appeared in her hands seconds later from the very same closet.

There were times when my parents told me specifically not to touch the hot plate but honestly, is there any way anybody can help but touch it just to make sure that it really is hot?Especially when someone has told you not to? And again, when I was blowing my finger tips after that I realized that my parents were right. You could call my adventurous experiment stupid ofcourse but if you were to ask me, I would call it the ‘workings of a curious mind’ (and I bet lots of you would like to call it that too…unless you’re a parent that is).

Day in and day out we make mistakes which we were warned not to make.We make them. Again and again only to finally understand that a lemon is supposed to be sliced horizontally and not vertically(have I finally got that right or did I just mix up the two again?)

Either all you parents out there know that we kids didn’t check the last drawer beforehand(which would mean that you can read our minds…can you?) or you’ve been through this phase before so you know where the pitfalls are and how deep each one is. Somehow though, I think they are inter-related. You’ve been through this so you know what we may be thinking and doing….so you can read our minds. Sort of. But not always I believe otherwise all those “Oh what a surprise!”s you’ve been giving us every year on your birthday was not actually a surprise to you. Darn.

P.S-I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, I have been awfully busy with school. Infact, I still am but I thought it was about time I posted this draft I’d made about a month back 🙂