As fire reigns in tempest glory

 Lives are taken, the sight is gory

He silently awaits his guillotin call

Since mighty warriors silently fall.

 In his heart there is anguish, pain and rage

 he looks at the moon through the bars of his cage..

 He had fought in the field with valiant might until behold! he saw a sight

 Infront of him the evildoer did slain his best friend with cruel disdain..

 He fell before him as his breathing slowed

 How would his heart ever take this load?

 His voice was choked,”I simply cannot see this sight…”

 His eyes closed,”The light on the other side is bright.”

 He died in his arms, left him bereaved “Oh my brother, why did you have to leave?”

And so he was bound up in chains so strong It didnt matter he thought that he wasnt to live long…


There is no comfort to such misery…

Quiet is the night

As the world sleeps…

And in this deafening silence,

A desperate mother weeps.

Her child had fallen asleep without a single bite

Arent basic needs each and every human’s right?

She had travelled to the town, the city in search

She had prayed to the Temple, the Mosque, the Church.

Now she can only watch the night slowly become dawn,

Hoping she can procure a piece of bread in the morn…

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