If Harry Potter had a part 8

If Harry Potter had a part 8

The book would start with Harry sitting on  lawn chair with his newspaper and morning cuppa ..

 It would start with the kids on the Hogwarts Express discussing what each of them would do once they got to school!

It would start with Voldemort’s grave…..

It would start in the Herbarium where Prof Neville is working diligently on a Monday morning

Okay, this is tough stuff! Which is why I adore Miss Rowling..she is a genius!

I mean,  I could have never even dreamt of the names she used in her books(and believe me when I say that.. I have some of the craziest dreams known to mankind)

If you are a Harry Potter fan, then I’m sure you feel the same way and if you’re not, I can only quote “The greatest ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about.”

All I can definitely say is if there ever is an eighth part (which I hope there is) it will leave everybody who reads it curious to know what the ninth part is about! I really don’t know how to predict what she would do(because she is one of the most unpredictable authors I know). There is definitely something about the way she writes. Her books go fast, but not too fast. They have lots of action and yet, there is always emotion. There is humour and there is unbelievable passion. It makes every kid who reads it want to become a wizard or a witch. It makes every child dream of Hogwarts. Many a times I have thought of why we aren’t taught Defence Against The Dark Arts and Herbology…Charms and Potions perhaps?Why are we taught Algebra instead?

And the worst compliment you can EVER give a Harry Potter fan is by calling him or her a muggle. All the non-HP fans out there think Harry is over-rated…well, if he was, then he wouldn’t have been so popular guys! Think about it.This isnt just a saga of books. It’s a world-wide phenomena! So I’m proud to be one of the million people out there who jumps and twitches in her seat just before the movie starts…so what if the other people in the theatre think you’ve gone nuts? You’re not alone 🙂

Im just really sad that after this last movie comes out..thats it. No more anticipation for the next movie, nothing. But the legend will live on forever!

Namaskaar! (Thats goodbye to you in Hindi)