Do We Smile Too Much?

I just typed a brief message to my friend not long ago and re-reading it made me realize what I had written

“I’ve sent it 🙂 ”

Honestly, I don’t know why I put that smiley right there…it just happened. In fact, I know lots of people my age who cannot help but use an emoticon after every sentence!

It doesn’t necessarily mean that I was smiling right then but I can’t really explain why I typed it anyway.

The graphical smiley face was created in the year 1963 by an artist named Harvey Ball to bolster the morale of the employees of an insurance company(it apparently worked).That emoticon went on to inspire so many of the other emoticons we see today.Believe it or not but a New York Times transcript of Abraham Lincoln’s speech written in 1862 reveals the sign” 😉 ” which may be a typo, a punctuation construct…or it just may be an emoticon winking right at us!

The cute yellow smileys( I always wondered why they were yellow…is it because yellow is a psychologically optimistic colour? Or simply because they are suffering from Jaundice? If it is the first reason, then shouldnt the sad emoticons be a different colour?Blue maybe? ) are thoroughly over-used these days and I wonder, are we smiling too much? Are the emoticons taking over?

Today, there are so many emoticons that I really can’t say I know even one-fourth of the total out there. I honestly didn’t know there was an emoticon for an upturned table.(why would anybody want to use that?)

Here is a list of the most common ones I know: (try tilting your head to your left and see the face as if it were a sentence..from the left to the right. It makes sense that way. The leftmost would be the eyes and so on.)

😛 – an emoticon where the colon represents the two eyes and the “P” is a tongue sticking out.

😉 – this time I didn’t use a colon because this is a winking emoticon, I used a semi colon instead.

o.O – which would represent the two eyes(and a nose in between I believe), where one eye is larger than the other.

:S – this is used to express confusion

:/ – this emoticon most aptly describes your mood when you are feeling down in the dumps about everything. You are sad, annoyed, angry…and the list goes on.

Goodbye for now!


The Bathroom Theory

You read that right. No, don’t worry just yet..

See, I thought about bringing this particular topic up since I have failed to understand why exactly this phenomena occurs. And it occurs a lot. At least with people my age, give or take a couple of years. Facebook has become too obvious now-a-days. You don’t ask a person whether they have a Facebook account, you just say, “We’ll stay in touch on Facebook.” So as you would expect, majority of the people in this world, are on Facebook.

I really don’t mind that since there is no use of going against the people who spend hours doing futile-nothingness. Its like smoking. We all accept its there and we all know that the only way a smoker can quit is if he/she has a change of heart. So, stop writing articles on it, they aint gonna stop until you become really mean and manipulate Mr. Zuckerberg to shut the system down(that would be very cruel). Why very cruel? Because there are people who simply wish to stay in touch with their friends far, far away! You want to close Facebook down? Fine…but then you have to cut down the phone bills for us.

One of the chief elements of Facebook is the photos. Again, I have learnt to live with them. The pouting, the close-ups and all that comes with it. I don’t know why they do it, but I shrug it away anyways. Maybe they like looking like fishes you know?

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the most popular place to take pics these days..

But one thing I don’t understand is why on earth would anybody take about 50 photos in the bathroom? Those teens can’t all be crazy! So thus, the bathroom theory. I think that since there has to be some reason to indulge in this manner of photography, I must, for the well-being of all those unaware, develop the following points:

1) Mirror, mirror on the wall – Everyone likes to look good in photographs, especially if they are to be on the net (and more importantly on Facebook). So maybe instead of carrying the mirror everywhere they want to take pictures of themselves, they resort to standing in the bathroom and do a two sec check up of their hair-do or whatever before the light flashes. By doing this, they know exactly how they are going to look in their photo before its taken.

2) Lights, Camera, Facebook – Then again, it could be the lighting. Some bathrooms have great lighting so perhaps they want to take good pictures and stuff. Maybe.

3) Two of ME! – I have seen photos of people and their reflections(Yes, they really think we are interested in their reflections). But its a thing, probably. When I was very young I fantasized about having a twin with the whole Mary Kate and Ashley thing going on. So maybe they still dream about that…about having clones.

4) Comfy much? – My dad says that the most comfortable place for any human in this entire world should be his bathroom (because you are in the most uncomfortable position when you really, really need to go and you can’t..) So while having their photos taken, they become conscious and rush to their most comfortable place. You guessed it! It’s the bathroom!

Most of all I think they’re crazy. No offence but I just don’t get it. Usually when I ask such absurd yet genuine questions to some of my peers, they simply say, “We do it to pass time.” Can’t you pass time in taking photos of yourself in the garden or something? Or does it take longer in the bathroom?

Okay, you can get worried now.


What We’re Made Of!

Ring A Bell?

I just want to clear some things up about females. Being a female gives me at least some authority on the subject of females. There are so many things misunderstood about our half of humanity.

1) Pink may not be our favorite color. Yes, it’s true; don’t be shocked. Not all of us like pink and even those who love pink don’t want to live in pink cities and walk through pink fields while gazing up at a pink moon. We know
about other colors and like other colors too, you know.

2) We are not “naturally bad drivers.” Absolutely not. Sure, some of us are bad drivers but some of us are great drivers. Men can be pretty risky behind the wheel; and the more horse
power under the hood, the less safe it is to be out on the streets. It’s not like driving ability is in our genetic code. I’m not saying XX is a formula for crashing cars and XY means you’re a shoe-in for Fast And Furious, Part 11.  What I simply mean is, we all have our driving faults.

3) We prefer to be called “girls” over “chics” or “gals.” Do we look like newly hatched babies of hens? Do you
see yellow-colored feathery friends when you look at us? Um, no.

Check out my new earrings

And another thing-I assure you that the “gall bladder” is a small organ that aids in fat digestion and secretes bitter juice called “bile” (yes, you can Google it). Gulls, on the other hand, are, well, birds. We are none of those…by all means we are and always will be “girls”.

4) We do not “over react” all the time and do not use crying as a manipulative tool. Just because we express our feelings more than most men do, does not mean we feel “too much.” Crying is a natural response to any intense emotion! There are other ways of acting out—like punching a wall or someone’s
face, using your car as a drag racer out of a driveway, yelling and slamming
doors. Men, sound familiar? Women do these things, too. So no, not every woman
cries and those who do probably need a good cry because a guy just punched a hole
in her wall.

5) Our silence is golden. Not much escapes our attention and we know a lot more than most people give us
credit for. It’s called wisdom folks…something that you believe is alien to us.

PS- Thank you again Lorna! Women Power 😀

Top 10 Things To Do When Bored To Death On An Airplane

Airplanes can be pretty boring…especially when they don’t have those little television screens. What next? Do you just sit there? Nope.

1) Read a book – Works every time. Nothing more to be said.

I look boring to some and comfy to others!

2) Write – Why not? All you need is a pen and a paper and by the time you get off, you’ll have a poem to your name.

3) Anagram – It’s very effective! It takes up a lot of your time (and brain) but its fun to read afterwards! For example, “Justin Timberlake” becomes “I’m a jerk, but listen”

4) Stare out of the window  – Just look out and experience procrastination at its best..that is, if you are fortunate enough to be sitting next to a window.

5) Entertain babies – I can very confidently state that I have never stepped on to a plane where at least one baby wasnt squealing. They are the most amusing and fun to be with humans! Play with a baby why don’t you?

6) Read a magazine – Airplanes provide those free mags. Agreed, they aren’t all that exhilarating but still, desperate needs call for desperate measures don’t they?

7) Make use of the earplugs – Those kind air hostesses always pass out those earplugs so put them to use and listen to some music to pass the time.

8) Play a game – I invent all sorts of games when I’m bored. Since airplanes have so many people, try guessing what each of them may do once they reach their destination. For example: if I were to see a blonde woman in her twenties reading a novel, I would guess she was going to meet a friend for the holidays. On the other hand, an old lady knitting a sweater maybe going to take care of her daughter’s new-born!

9) Engage in conversation – You never know, you might have just found a far away relative…this world is very small I’ve heard.

10) Sleep – One of my least favourites but I’m sure it works. I’ve seen people snore through their entire journey….how on earth do they manage to do that?

Did You Just Say “OMG”?

I’m pretty sure it’s not just me.

It’s everywhere! I have already expressed my views on the various short forms of everyday words we use on emails and chats and text messages but I have yet to point out how much it grieves me when words like “lol”, “omg” and “ily” are used when we talk to each other.

I was recently discussing the use of such short forms with a friend of mine and the only thing we could think ofwhy people do this is to save “time”. In this “pedal to the metal” world around us, time has become like a deep breath—both a luxury and a necessity that we rarely get and yet, if that is the case, then why do we spend hours on social networking sites? Of course, you could be the exception; I am strictly speaking in general terms.

To be honest, I don’t see how “OMG” can possibly convey the shock and surprise that a well-delivered “OH MY GOD” can express. It’s not satisfying to say just 3 letters when you find your new hybrid that you’ve waited 6 moths to get and pledged your soul to a foreign nation just got paint balled!   

And don’t you start on why you should say “OMG” simply because you are conserving “energy”.

Another friend of mine and I were chatting one morning when I happened to crack some joke. You wouldn’t believe what she said (well, maybe you would). She laughed a little and then said “lol”. First, I thought she was pulling my leg and then I saw she was still smiling. Yes friends, the world most certainly is changing!

There are so many more ways people indulge into such awful language and they are all around us. Spelling is getting worse and so is grammar. And I am worried to death. I do not want to live in a world where people go around saying only 5-6 letters when they meet. How on earth are the conversations going to continue?

Around 25 years later: two friends meet…their face to face conversations will be something like the one given below.




“nm. you?”

“sme here.”



“bye. hftc”


Oh yes, you can imagine your kids/grandkids saying this…

I am not saying I don’t indulge in net slang. Due to the hatred I have for the word “lol” I have never used it and yet, I find myself using other short forms such as “gn” for goodnight or perhaps if I have enough time, I may actually type “gudnight” instead!

Believe me, though; I so terribly want to change.

PS- Did you know “DLTBBB” means “Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite”?

 PPS- A huge thankyou to Lorna…I couldnt have done this without you 🙂

The Funniest Things On the Planet : T-shirts and Graffiti

Everything is not what it seems.

Neither are T-shirts and brick walls. I mean, you would expect shirts to be a part of an individuals attire and walls to be…walls!

But they aren’t. They have become instruments of endless amusement. I mean, wouldn’t you crack up if you happened to be strolling around in the mall when a guy wearing a T-shirt that screamed ” If you’re happy and you know it, keep it to yourself! ” walked past you?I would! In fact, I did. Thankfully, he was wearing headphones and didn’t hear my unsuccessful attempt of suppressing a huge bout of laughter. Then there was this other one which said ” I only look stupid “.  A very dear friend of mine had a T-shirt saying “I’m with stupid” with a hand pointing to her left(or was it right?)  

I have also on several occasions observed a twosome wearing complimentary T-shirts. One would wear “Buddies” and the other would wear “Forever”. Actually, those kind of T-shirts look cute 🙂

Walls are basically barriers like the four “walls” of a house, the invisible “wall” of hatred between two people. But are they? Nope.

They are canvases where some extremely talented people spray on bright colours while others write stuff like ” Whoever wrote this is a jobless idiot.” Did he even realise what he called himself?( Okay, agreed that a girl could have an equal possibility of doing that..but still)

I was just walking towards a nearby restaurant with my family and one of my best friends one evening (a few months ago) where we happened to spot a wall on which were painted the words “DJ WAS HERE” Okay, nothing very funny about that…people do it all the time. Well, guess what? I happened to walk past the same wall just a couple of weeks ago and I saw “DJ IS STILL HERE” . I ask you, why?

T-shirts and graffiti are everywhere! Spot them and laugh your head off when you can.

Whats the funniest thing you have read on a T-shirt or a wall?