What We’re Made Of!

Ring A Bell?

I just want to clear some things up about females. Being a female gives me at least some authority on the subject of females. There are so many things misunderstood about our half of humanity.

1) Pink may not be our favorite color. Yes, it’s true; don’t be shocked. Not all of us like pink and even those who love pink don’t want to live in pink cities and walk through pink fields while gazing up at a pink moon. We know
about other colors and like other colors too, you know.

2) We are not “naturally bad drivers.” Absolutely not. Sure, some of us are bad drivers but some of us are great drivers. Men can be pretty risky behind the wheel; and the more horse
power under the hood, the less safe it is to be out on the streets. It’s not like driving ability is in our genetic code. I’m not saying XX is a formula for crashing cars and XY means you’re a shoe-in for Fast And Furious, Part 11.  What I simply mean is, we all have our driving faults.

3) We prefer to be called “girls” over “chics” or “gals.” Do we look like newly hatched babies of hens? Do you
see yellow-colored feathery friends when you look at us? Um, no.

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And another thing-I assure you that the “gall bladder” is a small organ that aids in fat digestion and secretes bitter juice called “bile” (yes, you can Google it). Gulls, on the other hand, are, well, birds. We are none of those…by all means we are and always will be “girls”.

4) We do not “over react” all the time and do not use crying as a manipulative tool. Just because we express our feelings more than most men do, does not mean we feel “too much.” Crying is a natural response to any intense emotion! There are other ways of acting out—like punching a wall or someone’s
face, using your car as a drag racer out of a driveway, yelling and slamming
doors. Men, sound familiar? Women do these things, too. So no, not every woman
cries and those who do probably need a good cry because a guy just punched a hole
in her wall.

5) Our silence is golden. Not much escapes our attention and we know a lot more than most people give us
credit for. It’s called wisdom folks…something that you believe is alien to us.

PS- Thank you again Lorna! Women Power 😀