Why Dresses Are’nt Always A Wise Option…

Beautiful flow-y gowns look elegant no doubt. But I have got a list of reasons why I can’t always resort to wearing them :

1) They do not have pockets – Well none that I have seen. And honestly, pockets are really handy. I, for one, cannot carry those big handbags because they are too much of a trouble and the small ones would be an issue because I would just leave it near the washroom sink somewhere and never realize until I got home.

2) Watch your step! – If its one of those really long ones that reach up to your toes you’re going to have one hell of a time in a crowd. Youd fall face down before you can say “Dolce and Gabbana”.

3) Because you can’t have fun – Not in the real sense anyway. You can’t frolic around with little kids in the park or jog with your dog. You cant even have roadside ice-cream in peace because you’d too worried about your dress the whole time!

4) Its windy out there – Weather is unpredictable and if you want to be prepared for cold weather, normal denim jackets are a totoal no-no around a dress. You have to have some fancy wrap around your dress (and who wants that?). Also, unless you have a sudden urge to imitate Marilyn Monroe, I don’t think wearing a dress in windy weather would be appropriate.

So there you are! Casuals are all- purpose, pocket-having and climate-friendly. Most importantly, you dont always have to act like a “lady” in casuals…you can be whoever you wish to be.

So for that party next week, go right ahead and wear a dress! But wouldnt you rather wear your jeans to go buy milk?

I stand for all things casual!