Did You Just Say “OMG”?

I’m pretty sure it’s not just me.

It’s everywhere! I have already expressed my views on the various short forms of everyday words we use on emails and chats and text messages but I have yet to point out how much it grieves me when words like “lol”, “omg” and “ily” are used when we talk to each other.

I was recently discussing the use of such short forms with a friend of mine and the only thing we could think ofwhy people do this is to save “time”. In this “pedal to the metal” world around us, time has become like a deep breath—both a luxury and a necessity that we rarely get and yet, if that is the case, then why do we spend hours on social networking sites? Of course, you could be the exception; I am strictly speaking in general terms.

To be honest, I don’t see how “OMG” can possibly convey the shock and surprise that a well-delivered “OH MY GOD” can express. It’s not satisfying to say just 3 letters when you find your new hybrid that you’ve waited 6 moths to get and pledged your soul to a foreign nation just got paint balled!   

And don’t you start on why you should say “OMG” simply because you are conserving “energy”.

Another friend of mine and I were chatting one morning when I happened to crack some joke. You wouldn’t believe what she said (well, maybe you would). She laughed a little and then said “lol”. First, I thought she was pulling my leg and then I saw she was still smiling. Yes friends, the world most certainly is changing!

There are so many more ways people indulge into such awful language and they are all around us. Spelling is getting worse and so is grammar. And I am worried to death. I do not want to live in a world where people go around saying only 5-6 letters when they meet. How on earth are the conversations going to continue?

Around 25 years later: two friends meet…their face to face conversations will be something like the one given below.




“nm. you?”

“sme here.”



“bye. hftc”


Oh yes, you can imagine your kids/grandkids saying this…

I am not saying I don’t indulge in net slang. Due to the hatred I have for the word “lol” I have never used it and yet, I find myself using other short forms such as “gn” for goodnight or perhaps if I have enough time, I may actually type “gudnight” instead!

Believe me, though; I so terribly want to change.

PS- Did you know “DLTBBB” means “Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite”?

 PPS- A huge thankyou to Lorna…I couldnt have done this without you 🙂


To Text Or Not To Text…

U cmin?” Honestly, the first time I saw this I was confused but I realized after that that the only way to decipher such text codes is to try to read them aloud…it dosent always work though.. Try this :

“c ya tmrw, tc “

I was in seventh grade when I was exposed to such a phrase and I spent the night trying to figure out what my best friend could mean…

I wanted to crack my head with a hammer when I finally figured it out.

Take. Care. Thats what she had meant.

Soon enough, I got used to such connonations…its not that hard really. But if youre a purist, youre gonna have a tough time bearing with all of the ridiculous English around you. Its not just where I stay, its all over the world..people have forgotten how to write in fulls in texts, emails and chats!

At rare occasions in the past, I was asked to forward some material to my teachers through email. After typing the text, I would read it once and then erase it all out..because, sometimes my English is just barbaric

“Mam, pls find atchd doc. Ive alrdi fwdd to clas id. Thnq”

My, my….

I am strongly against it but I just find myself going with the flow! Its crazy and I try to stop myself when I have enough time to type the entire spelling out. At times though, I find it impossible.

Lets hope they dont re-issue another dictionary soon…

C ya l8r! 😉