Top 10 Things To Do When Bored To Death On An Airplane

Airplanes can be pretty boring…especially when they don’t have those little television screens. What next? Do you just sit there? Nope.

1) Read a book – Works every time. Nothing more to be said.

I look boring to some and comfy to others!

2) Write – Why not? All you need is a pen and a paper and by the time you get off, you’ll have a poem to your name.

3) Anagram – It’s very effective! It takes up a lot of your time (and brain) but its fun to read afterwards! For example, “Justin Timberlake” becomes “I’m a jerk, but listen”

4) Stare out of the window  – Just look out and experience procrastination at its best..that is, if you are fortunate enough to be sitting next to a window.

5) Entertain babies – I can very confidently state that I have never stepped on to a plane where at least one baby wasnt squealing. They are the most amusing and fun to be with humans! Play with a baby why don’t you?

6) Read a magazine – Airplanes provide those free mags. Agreed, they aren’t all that exhilarating but still, desperate needs call for desperate measures don’t they?

7) Make use of the earplugs – Those kind air hostesses always pass out those earplugs so put them to use and listen to some music to pass the time.

8) Play a game – I invent all sorts of games when I’m bored. Since airplanes have so many people, try guessing what each of them may do once they reach their destination. For example: if I were to see a blonde woman in her twenties reading a novel, I would guess she was going to meet a friend for the holidays. On the other hand, an old lady knitting a sweater maybe going to take care of her daughter’s new-born!

9) Engage in conversation – You never know, you might have just found a far away relative…this world is very small I’ve heard.

10) Sleep – One of my least favourites but I’m sure it works. I’ve seen people snore through their entire journey….how on earth do they manage to do that?