Just My Luck?

 Did you ever wake up with a grey cloud atop your head?

Mom and I have a tendency to wake up earlier than the rest of the household. There are days when I find myself awake at 4 am with nothing to do…so I just hit the hay again. It happened again that day. I woke up early while my brother and my dad were fast asleep locked in their own little dreams. My mom left for school and for some reason I had a holiday that fine morning (is it a general idea that when you have a holiday, the morning is “fine” or is it just me?)I hadn’t eaten so I decided to raid the kitchen while on tip toes so that I don’t wake those asleep. I opened up every cupboard possible and then it caught my eye. Something mom had bought only just yesterday. I knew it wasnt something I could have for breakfast but unable to contain my curiosity, I opened it.

 If only I had known the spices were filled up to the brim.

Well, instead of eating, I was sweeping the kitchen for the next fifteen minutes. And by then, my brother had woken up. He walked sleepily up to me, rubbing his eyes, “Whats all the racket?”

My dad woke up shortly afterwards and gave me some cash to buy a few things from the supermarket downstairs. After giving my brother and dad breakfast, I headed down. It was all fine and dandy until I, with 2 bags, was walking back to the entrance of my building. I mean, the bags werent that heavy….but for some ridiculous reason, they tore. Both of them. Looking like a complete idiot, I half carried half tried to carry the things back. I know I should have gone in and taken two other bags but I didn’t(for the simple reason that I was closer to the entrance of my building) I returned home to find my brother in a state of frenzy (because, as I later found out, he was late for his math class..again) We rushed him out and somehow caught the bus on time(That obviously involved him screaming for his bag and books and me screaming at him for not remembering where they were.)


 Still hungry, I returned back upstairs where my dad was ready to head for his office. I finally returned to the kitchen, poured some milk into a glass and crashed on to the sofa. It took me another 15 minutes to first find where the cloth was and then to wipe off all of the milk from the sofa.

There are days when you can watch t.v for several hours with no distraction. This was not one of those days. After I finally found something worth watching, the television went black giving me just one message “NO SIGNAL” . I decided to deal with the chores at hand later and unlocked the balcony door. I  stepped outside with a sulk( because I hit my head on the way) where I saw a lady drying her hair on the opposite balcony. I sighed, forget it..it’s just a really bad day. I looked down and voila….a dead pigeon.

We all have bad days! But I think God gives them to us because he wants us to look back and laugh later 🙂




I would love to know your take!

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