To Text Or Not To Text…

U cmin?” Honestly, the first time I saw this I was confused but I realized after that that the only way to decipher such text codes is to try to read them aloud…it dosent always work though.. Try this :

“c ya tmrw, tc “

I was in seventh grade when I was exposed to such a phrase and I spent the night trying to figure out what my best friend could mean…

I wanted to crack my head with a hammer when I finally figured it out.

Take. Care. Thats what she had meant.

Soon enough, I got used to such connonations…its not that hard really. But if youre a purist, youre gonna have a tough time bearing with all of the ridiculous English around you. Its not just where I stay, its all over the world..people have forgotten how to write in fulls in texts, emails and chats!

At rare occasions in the past, I was asked to forward some material to my teachers through email. After typing the text, I would read it once and then erase it all out..because, sometimes my English is just barbaric

“Mam, pls find atchd doc. Ive alrdi fwdd to clas id. Thnq”

My, my….

I am strongly against it but I just find myself going with the flow! Its crazy and I try to stop myself when I have enough time to type the entire spelling out. At times though, I find it impossible.

Lets hope they dont re-issue another dictionary soon…

C ya l8r! 😉


4 thoughts on “To Text Or Not To Text…

  1. i sympathize with you totally…me too am a victim to this…in my early texting days this lingo left me baffled with sleepless nights 🙂 figuring out the meaning..only to know much later…that btw only means by-the-way n lol means laugh out-loud, the funniest being 5ne…for fine. and i thought it was a secret agent code!! Phew…..Have a long way to go…next time..ven i brk ma head wit sum weird lukn word…i kno ver 2 go!!!

    • yup! what baffled me most ws “fly” which actually meant family and I thought “brb” meant the person burped or something but it actually meant be right back! 😀

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