Future? What Future? I was five!

Ten years ago, I couldnt even imagine the life Im having now!

With the hectic ins and outs of my daily routine…the books, the pending movies to be watched, the studies, the teachers…its absolutely crazy!

Some how at the end of the day I find my muscles aching for some rest and my eyes dying to be shut for a while. Its more than just that. Its not just me…the entire world has changed so dramatically! From electronics to the milk we buy at the groceries..everything has been modified to some extent..changed in so many ways. Its exhilirating and I must admit, scary at times. But I love the world around me no matter how filthy it looks on the outside..and this world is all about changes, some good and others not so good. We cant change the inevitable, so just smile your day through =)


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2 thoughts on “Future? What Future? I was five!

  1. I noe its so hectic now days . . . but tahts what life is and u have to face it with a smile !!!

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