If I Could Read Minds

Ofcourse! I mean, only if I was also given the option of blocking away unwanted thoughts incase I got tired after a while!

We all at some points of out life have wished we could read a particular person's mind…

("Oh so THATS what theyre giving me for my birthday!")

Anyways, I would only accept this power if it was only and only for a day…I respect privacy =)

Plus, I would hate to think that somebody could read MY mind whenever they wanted so it would be unfair for me to do the same to them!

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3 thoughts on “If I Could Read Minds

  1. Lols !! wat an innovative thought …. its fun but ill hate it tooo and m sure everyone else wud do .

    ahahahah gosh !! somethgn like this …
    ” Oh so THATS wat he thinks abt me …hmmmmmmmmmm “

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