A Letter to My Great-Great-Grandchildren

Dear great great grandchildren, there are a few things that I was never warned about that I have recently learnt through experience..

1) Dont EVER think youre not good enough because when you start believing that, the people around you start doing so too.

2)Be yourself, immulating somebody dosent make you any more popular!

3)Eat jelly beans in moderation…it hurts if you eat too much at once

4)Dont drink too much water before the examination….especially if you have a strict invigilator.

5)Do exactly what you know in your heart, is the right thing to do!

6)Smile often =)

7)Break your own records

8)Everyday will bring in something new, dont forget the experiences of the past but dont regret your mistakes either…they were bound to happen to teach you something that could not be taught in any other way

By the time you read this letter, mankind would have devised ways to cure cancer, shoot through metal and maybe even….fly! I know that I must seem very old but believe it or not,  Im only 15 when Im writing this message to you. The two most valuable things on Earth is the time you have and the way you spend it. Thats all that matters really!

All my love

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11 thoughts on “A Letter to My Great-Great-Grandchildren

  1. If only you would not have done what u just did, your grandchildren would have had a nice old story to listen to! 😉
    But of course I do not have a say, and its okay. NOT.

    • Do not worry! They WILL have many stories to listen to! Maybe..a particular friend of mine could write in some other stories of mine…….hmmmm…now who could THAT be?

      • Now that somebody, I DO-NOT know! 😉
        How you just put all the work on that poor friend of yours’ shoulders….i pity that friend! ;P

  2. all the point u hv written are very true but i liked the first few points very much. i think u should make ur little fans of our group to belive the same. i am sure they will listen to u.

  3. My sentiments exactly Ashi…words of wisdom in one so young … learnt by us after years of experience!!!

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