7 and a half reasons why you shouldnt read this blog

(There are various reasons why you shouldnt be doing this…..you have been warned! )

1) This is my first blog…..EVER

2) I am an enthusiastic yet amateur writer who happens to be in junior high(and sometimes you might just end up reading about academics….now who enjoys THAT???!!!)

3) I am most definately not a celebrity. Dosent half the population of the world read blogs of famous people? Yeah, well I am anything BUT famous…

4) My blogs (usually) are not about one specific topic. They are as random as random can get 😀

5) I am REALLY bad at all things related to computers. So you really cant expect my blogs-to-come to be all fancy and decorative and if you happen to observe a good background when you are reading this….you can be assured that it would have taken me atleast an hour to figure out how that had to be done. (Infact to be absolutely frank, I had to ask my dad even HOW to make a blog!)

6)I may sometimes mess up my spellings(Im only hmuna   humna   human!)

7)I crack really lame jokes..so you cant really prepare to start roling on the floor with laughter anytime soon

7.5) You shouldnt be reading this blog because………dont you have other things to be doing?

        The answer to that could be a “yes” or a “no”. If it is a “yes”, well then , youre just like me….cos Im supposed to be learning for my test but you and I both know what Im doing…. And on the other hand, if its a “no”, i really cant blame you for reading crap. (So, that calls for half a point!)

Well, it was pretty stupid of you to read it when I wisely advised you not to….but since youre so interested, let me tell you, I didnt mind at all =)

Thankyou all! I will blog again soon

Till then



7 thoughts on “7 and a half reasons why you shouldnt read this blog

  1. aishu !!!!
    finally u made a blog . . . . nd ya its ausome =)
    gud job !!!!!!!
    nd yay ! im d first to comment =D

  2. Oh aunty, she has to first keep up some promises before she goes ahead and compels herself to promise us more parties!! 😛
    You certainly remember them, now don;t you aishu?? just in case you don’t… honey, you’ve got to spend the money!

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