My uncle, my first best friend

Everybody has that one friend who loves to see you smile, wipes your tears, loves your laughter and feels just as good around you as you feel around them. For little me, it was my maternal uncle. Going to India for vacations every summer was obviously an exciting prospect!  I love both sets of grandparents dearly. And little me would wait for my uncle to come pick us up from the train station and take us home to my grandparents. The saddest part of summer was to accept that I wouldn’t see him for another year.

Being the youngest of seven children, he is obviously closest to my age. He loved his sisters (one of which is my mother) very, very much! And he knew they loved him back. Running errands for his sisters around town seemed like a hobby of his to my little eyes because he was always so happy to do it. When I got scolded at for being naughty, he’d hear my whole story out like I was the most important case in his court.

He taught me a lot of things I know now…for example, he’s the one who taught me how to ride a bike! He always volunteered to help me with my holiday homework (which the school always gave in ample amounts) and we  had so much fun! He would buy game cds so I could pass time when he was gone and had lots of books to keep me entertained. My favorite ice cream at the back of his scooter feeling the wind hit my face is one of the best memories I have with him.

I always fussed about his eyes. His eyes were hazel like maa’s but a shade deeper.  They were serene sometimes and filled with childlike joy at other times. For him, making me eat was really easy. “Aashu? You want eyes like mine? Eat up!” (Yes, I used to fall for it).

Since he had so many sisters and all of them had kids (my cousins) I’m sure he was as unique to them as he was to me. He always made everyday special! Which kid wouldn’t want an uncle like that?

Since then, I’ve had many close and dear friends but I will always remember my first best friend who taught me to respect him by treating me like a friend.

Even now, if its a GK book I need for my entrance exams or a registration number we need for a college, he’s always so ready to help out.

Though I never express it fully, he means a lot to me even now, years and years later! In some ways, he’s made me a better person and he probably doesn’t know it, but he’s helped me get where I am now by juts being there for me.

I hope he is well! I cant wait to see him, my aunt and my baby cousin soon =)

Peace out!

Alice In Wonderland

She was falling into the realms beneath
Wondering where she would land
“Wouldn’t it be nice?” she thought, “If I had
Someone to hold my hand?”

She thought about the times she spent
With her lovely cat back home
She missed her so dearly then
As she was so painfully alone.

She knew she was descending down
Only where to, she didn’t know
“How long have I been falling?”
Her past felt a long time ago.

Should she have not run after the Rabbit?
Should she have just stayed there?
Where would the labyrinth lead her?
She was completely unaware…


Its a poem I wrote a long time ago and published in the Teen Ink Magazine =)


The dictionary defines the word “Memory” as the faculty of the mind by which it retains the knowledge of previous thoughts, impressions, or events. That may be literally correct in every sense but do you not think our memories are much deeper than just our retention of past events? Its much deeper than that.

Some songs may remind us of a particular person, a smell, anything! Memories are not to be seen or just thought of..they’re more! They can be felt. That’s the difference between a picture of your best friend and your own memory of the best times you spent together.

We see, hear and experience numerous things in our lives and our mind is unable to remember every single detail of every second we lived. We do, however remember fragments of it that make our lives worth living…the elements that we carry on with us and make a piece of our own being therefore are our memories. These elements decide not only how we reminisce our yesterday but also how we spend our today and plan our tomorrow.

I had a friend in second grade with whom I used to walk to the bus everyday. We weren’t very close but those few minutes we spent walking somehow mattered a lot to me. She used to board a different bus in the school yard which was always parked just adjacent to mine. One day she taught me a Japanese word which meant “goodbye”. We never spoke a word to each other from the school gate to our buses till it was time to board our separate buses. We’d smile and wave at each other whispering “Sayonara”. I don’t remember her name, nor do I remember her face but it’s that simple Japanese word she taught me that never left me. I still use it and still smile thinking of that special friend I had, the fascination I had felt of knowing a word in a foreign language which I knew my friends in class were unaware of and the satisfaction I felt every afternoon after saying a Sayonara to her. On rare occasions when she was absent I used to whisper it to myself not only hoping that she would somehow receive it, wherever she was, but also for the sake of my own satisfaction.

I relocated soon after that and thus had to change my school but the word stuck on and I still consider it one of my most favourite words. She had unknowingly become a piece of me forever.

So, memories are portions of the days gone by that make us who we are, that define our personalities and our likes and dislikes.  They are those images, sounds or feelings that have influenced us in one way or another and crave to be remembered. They may be the smallest of things, like where you shared a cup of ice cream with your mom, the last time you saw your best friend or the first Japanese word you ever learnt.


My Parents Were Right

Aren’t they always? I wonder if they ever get used to being right so often. All I know is, being a kid, it’s not always nice being wrong and then being given the “I told you so” look. Just the other day I rummaged through a closet full of things looking for my black hat and proudly announced, “It’s not there.” I was confident enough to challenge Mama to come and see for herself. At the end though, I was made a fool of when it magically appeared in her hands seconds later from the very same closet.

There were times when my parents told me specifically not to touch the hot plate but honestly, is there any way anybody can help but touch it just to make sure that it really is hot?Especially when someone has told you not to? And again, when I was blowing my finger tips after that I realized that my parents were right. You could call my adventurous experiment stupid ofcourse but if you were to ask me, I would call it the ‘workings of a curious mind’ (and I bet lots of you would like to call it that too…unless you’re a parent that is).

Day in and day out we make mistakes which we were warned not to make.We make them. Again and again only to finally understand that a lemon is supposed to be sliced horizontally and not vertically(have I finally got that right or did I just mix up the two again?)

Either all you parents out there know that we kids didn’t check the last drawer beforehand(which would mean that you can read our minds…can you?) or you’ve been through this phase before so you know where the pitfalls are and how deep each one is. Somehow though, I think they are inter-related. You’ve been through this so you know what we may be thinking and doing….so you can read our minds. Sort of. But not always I believe otherwise all those “Oh what a surprise!”s you’ve been giving us every year on your birthday was not actually a surprise to you. Darn.

P.S-I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, I have been awfully busy with school. Infact, I still am but I thought it was about time I posted this draft I’d made about a month back 🙂

Do We Smile Too Much?

I just typed a brief message to my friend not long ago and re-reading it made me realize what I had written

“I’ve sent it 🙂 ”

Honestly, I don’t know why I put that smiley right there…it just happened. In fact, I know lots of people my age who cannot help but use an emoticon after every sentence!

It doesn’t necessarily mean that I was smiling right then but I can’t really explain why I typed it anyway.

The graphical smiley face was created in the year 1963 by an artist named Harvey Ball to bolster the morale of the employees of an insurance company(it apparently worked).That emoticon went on to inspire so many of the other emoticons we see today.Believe it or not but a New York Times transcript of Abraham Lincoln’s speech written in 1862 reveals the sign” 😉 ” which may be a typo, a punctuation construct…or it just may be an emoticon winking right at us!

The cute yellow smileys( I always wondered why they were yellow…is it because yellow is a psychologically optimistic colour? Or simply because they are suffering from Jaundice? If it is the first reason, then shouldnt the sad emoticons be a different colour?Blue maybe? ) are thoroughly over-used these days and I wonder, are we smiling too much? Are the emoticons taking over?

Today, there are so many emoticons that I really can’t say I know even one-fourth of the total out there. I honestly didn’t know there was an emoticon for an upturned table.(why would anybody want to use that?)

Here is a list of the most common ones I know: (try tilting your head to your left and see the face as if it were a sentence..from the left to the right. It makes sense that way. The leftmost would be the eyes and so on.)

😛 – an emoticon where the colon represents the two eyes and the “P” is a tongue sticking out.

😉 – this time I didn’t use a colon because this is a winking emoticon, I used a semi colon instead.

o.O – which would represent the two eyes(and a nose in between I believe), where one eye is larger than the other.

:S – this is used to express confusion

:/ – this emoticon most aptly describes your mood when you are feeling down in the dumps about everything. You are sad, annoyed, angry…and the list goes on.

Goodbye for now!

A Beckon

Some people cloaked in their own dreams forget how to reach out.

A few know what is the way and yet they their instinct doubt.

There are those here who know how to fly but seldom flap their wings.

There are people who dismiss their strengths as mindless, futile things.

There are those who wish to climb up high but never put on their shoes.

There are people among us who their own capabilities abuse.

There are those who don’t take chances, they are afraid of their flaws.

They sit in repenting the past, and of what already was.

So get up you cowards, awaken from your fruitless reverie

Just know that you can be whatever you may wish to be

There is much to learn in this world which you will never find in there.

Make it a day worth remembering, bring the star out if you dare!

Your destiny is calling out and all you need to do is believe .

Fight your own demons and only then can you acheive.

Your life isn’t for you to dwindle around on a thread.

Create paths of your own and race right ahead!

The Bathroom Theory

You read that right. No, don’t worry just yet..

See, I thought about bringing this particular topic up since I have failed to understand why exactly this phenomena occurs. And it occurs a lot. At least with people my age, give or take a couple of years. Facebook has become too obvious now-a-days. You don’t ask a person whether they have a Facebook account, you just say, “We’ll stay in touch on Facebook.” So as you would expect, majority of the people in this world, are on Facebook.

I really don’t mind that since there is no use of going against the people who spend hours doing futile-nothingness. Its like smoking. We all accept its there and we all know that the only way a smoker can quit is if he/she has a change of heart. So, stop writing articles on it, they aint gonna stop until you become really mean and manipulate Mr. Zuckerberg to shut the system down(that would be very cruel). Why very cruel? Because there are people who simply wish to stay in touch with their friends far, far away! You want to close Facebook down? Fine…but then you have to cut down the phone bills for us.

One of the chief elements of Facebook is the photos. Again, I have learnt to live with them. The pouting, the close-ups and all that comes with it. I don’t know why they do it, but I shrug it away anyways. Maybe they like looking like fishes you know?

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the most popular place to take pics these days..

But one thing I don’t understand is why on earth would anybody take about 50 photos in the bathroom? Those teens can’t all be crazy! So thus, the bathroom theory. I think that since there has to be some reason to indulge in this manner of photography, I must, for the well-being of all those unaware, develop the following points:

1) Mirror, mirror on the wall – Everyone likes to look good in photographs, especially if they are to be on the net (and more importantly on Facebook). So maybe instead of carrying the mirror everywhere they want to take pictures of themselves, they resort to standing in the bathroom and do a two sec check up of their hair-do or whatever before the light flashes. By doing this, they know exactly how they are going to look in their photo before its taken.

2) Lights, Camera, Facebook – Then again, it could be the lighting. Some bathrooms have great lighting so perhaps they want to take good pictures and stuff. Maybe.

3) Two of ME! – I have seen photos of people and their reflections(Yes, they really think we are interested in their reflections). But its a thing, probably. When I was very young I fantasized about having a twin with the whole Mary Kate and Ashley thing going on. So maybe they still dream about that…about having clones.

4) Comfy much? – My dad says that the most comfortable place for any human in this entire world should be his bathroom (because you are in the most uncomfortable position when you really, really need to go and you can’t..) So while having their photos taken, they become conscious and rush to their most comfortable place. You guessed it! It’s the bathroom!

Most of all I think they’re crazy. No offence but I just don’t get it. Usually when I ask such absurd yet genuine questions to some of my peers, they simply say, “We do it to pass time.” Can’t you pass time in taking photos of yourself in the garden or something? Or does it take longer in the bathroom?

Okay, you can get worried now.